Customer Comments


Rob - 2018 Mitsubishi Triton

Amazing result, my car looks great and stays cleaner for longer.

Glenn - 2014 Range Rover Sport

I could not believe it was my car after it had the paint corrected. It came back like new, the metallic paint had got back its sparkle and the way the rain sheets off the bonnet is fantastic.

David - 2008 Lexus IS250

High quality result - the paint correction done on my car makes it look like new and with the peace of mind knowing the result is locked in with the ceramic coating makes the investment worthwhile. Would defiantly recommend DSM ShineCon.

Fred - 2007 VW Microbus

DSM ShineCon applied the ceramic coating to my minibus and now it looks like it has gained 10 years back! Bird poo is now easily removed, the bus is easier to clean and I was extremely happy with the product and service.

Mr Kumar - 2017 BMW X4 & 2016 BMW 228i

I had the QFX Ceramic Coating applied to my BMW X4 and the finish was exceptional. My wife was so impressed she insisted I had her car coated as well! We are both extremely satisfied with the incredible results to our cars.  Very professional service and excellent results.

Craig - 2011 Toyota Prado

My 8 year old Prado is the family “work-horse” that spends the majority of its time in the Queensland sun. Since it is also the family car I wanted to spruce it up to make it look as good as possible, protect the paintwork for the next few years and make it easier and more satisfying to clean.  I discussed with David what would be the best protective coat for this type of situation and he recommended the Toughseal coating. 


He and his team managed to bring the paintwork back.   His attention to detail and quality of finish has the car looking better than it did when I first took possession of it new.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  Soon after, I drove the car 900km from Sydney to Brisbane, through rain, roadworks and swarms of bugs.  The road grime, dust and bug spatter easily washed off leaving a brilliant shine.  Water now beads on the surface for the first time in many years.


I can highly recommend David’s professionalism in providing the right solution to the application and his quality of work.

Metro Resource Group - 6 x Gang Trucks; 2 x Utes, 1 x Luxury Sedan, 1 x SUV

Thanks a lot for your efforts on making our vehicles shine like new! Thanks again, we will be sure to tell our colleagues and friends about the great service you provide.