Frequently Asked Questions

1.What payment types do you accept?
         We accept eftpos, all major credit cards, including AMEX, and cash payment.

2. Do you detail the interior of a vehicle?
         No we do not perform detailing of the interiors but may provide a cursory dust over and vacuum.

3. Do you treat any interior surfaces?
         No, we do not treat interiors.

4. How long does it take?
        It depends on the size of the vehicle and the level of paint correction required, use the following as guide:
        - Small car, i.e. Fiat 500 - 2-3 hrs           
        - Medium Car/Hatch back, i.e. Ford Focus 3-4 hrs
        - Large Car/SUV i.e Mercedes S Class 4-5 hrs
        - Ute with Canopy/Hard Lid - 4-5 hrs   
        If additional paint correction is required to remove excessive marks/swirls/spider webbing

        then this will require additional time (and cost) and will be advised on assessment.

5. Can alloy wheels be coated?
        Yes, for an additional fee but cannot be warranted due to the harsh nature of brake dust and the coating would only last approximately 2-3 months but will make your wheels easier to keep clean in that time.

6. Do You carry out works on the weekend?
        Yes, by prior arrangement.

7. Is the works weather dependent?
        Yes, we cannot perform the works if the car is located outside and it is raining or in the direct hot sun,                unless the vehicle can be kept under cover and there is sufficient space to work around the vehicle.

8. Can I bring my car to you?

         Yes, you can leave your car with us and go to work as we are walking distance to buses to the city or Parramatta and very close to the new Metro.

9. Can you apply Paint Protection to anything else?

          Yes, as long as it is painted, it can be protected, i.e. motorbike, caravan, truck - but each one will require assessment and price will be dependent on size of vehicle/level of work required.