Ceramic Coating


No doubt you will have seen various links and ads to it on Social Media feeds/YouTube and have probably wondered "Is it as good as it says?"

The answer is YES, it is but only if the correct preparation is carried out before applying the coating.

This is where DSM ShineCon will assist you.  We are a local, family business based in The Hills District, North West of Sydney and specializing in the application of ceramic coating on any vehicle, big or small and carrying out the required preparation to make your vehicle stand out and look better for longer.

You can have confidence that we are fully insured and will look after your vehicle like it was one of our own.

Scroll down for a case study on the Vehicle Pictured on the left.

Compare 2.png

Before treatment

After Ceramic Coat applied


We will come to you and provide the following:

  • Wash

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Contaminant Removal

  • 1 Stage Paint Correction - if required

  • Additional Paint Correction may be required, at additional cost and will be advised upon assessment.

  • Application of Ceramic Coating to exterior panels




  • Provide clear and level access to the vehicle, preferably under cover

  • Provide easy access to water and power

  • Inspect the vehicle with us before we start the works to ensure there is no pre-existing damage and inspect afterwards

  • Remove any valuables from the car


The ceramic coating is a sacrificial layer of protection that effectively seals the paint to ensure no contaminants can build up in the grooves and stick to the paint.
It has hydrophobic properties that actively repel water and assist to keep your vehicle looking cleaner for longer and also
making it much easier to clean.

As good as ceramic coating is, there are some things you need to be aware of. It is not a suit of armour for your car that can stop:

  • stone chip damage

  • door dings

  • trolley damage

  • protection from collisions or hail

  • you do still need to wash your car regularly


If the correct preparation is not carried out and there are imperfections in your paint they WILL be locked in.
If your paint is:

  • flaking

  • damaged 

  • rusty

  • scratched down to the metal

Then these would need to be corrected before the ceramic coating is applied or the coating will not be effective or warranted.

For Maintenance & Warranty Info please click below

Compare 3.png

Scratches will not be repaired

or covered under warranty

Compare 4.png

The Process - Before

Before works commenced , this 2013 Renault Megane's owner was out of love with the car and it was looking a bit sad

The Process - During

Vehicle is cleaned, decontaminated and 1 Stage Paint Correction included.
See the level of Paint Correction required on this car - Note the spider webbing on the left hand side of the bonnet, compared to the ‘in process’ paint correction on the Right Hand Side     

Compare 5.png
Compare 6.png

The Process - Complete !

This car had undergone the full process and a 3 stage paint correction finished off with Ceramic Coating and the owner is now back in love with their car as it is now better than new. The shine is locked in by the ceramic coating, helping to maintain it looking great for longer.

See Show Case for video walk around of completed process