Ceramic Paint Protection

Many of us out there look forward to the weekends but realise they are just too short.
You have to catch up on all the chores like washing the car or horse float.
By applying a CERAMIC COATING Paint Protection to your vehicle we aim to provide you a product that will assist in giving you back some of that time by reducing the effort required to keep your vehicle clean, but at the same time providing protection from:

  • Bird/Bat Droppings

  • Tree Sap

  • Oxidisation

  • UV

  • Baked on bugs

CERAMIC COATING Paint Protection will also:

  • Repel Water

  • Reduce surface scratching

  • Provide a long lasting shine

If you have a new car or are considering buying a new car, then make us your choice to have CERAMIC COATING Paint Protection applied. It could potentially save you hundreds of dollars from paying the main dealer premium prices.

If you are looking for top dollar when you sell your car, give us a call to come and rejuvenate your car and bring it back to better than showroom condition (providing the paint work is sound and not cracked/flaking)

We offer a range of products to suit your needs/budget, and are pleased to be Approved Applicators of the ToughSeal Paint Protection system and ToughSeal QFX Ceramic Coating which are backed by extensive warranties, up to 10 years/200,000km's.

We are based and operate out of The Hills District, North West of Sydney

We will come to you to apply CERAMIC COATING or Paint Protection systems.

DSM ShineCon is proud to have been the vehicle rejuvenation company of choice for Metro Resource Group 


to fix up their fleet of work trucks, Utes and cars.

These vehicles have a tough life on worksites all over NSW and are now better than new and easy to keep clean having been fully prepared, decontaminated, rejuvenated and ceramic coating by us.


We would love to review your fleet to protect your assets